Vincenzo Masone's Go-To Cheat Meal | Fast Food Edition

Vincenzo Masone's Go-To Cheat Meal | Fast Food Edition

In order to pack on size and fill out his 6'2" frame, Vincenzo Masone has to consume quite a lot of calories. During the off-season, Vincenzo enjoys more than his fair share of cheat meals. One of his go-to spots to grab a cheat meal is Wendy's, a popular fast food restaurant that's found all across the United States.

A burger and fries is one of the most common cheat meals for bodybuilders, so it's no surprise that Vincenzo decided to hit up Wendy's for a quick meal. Not only did Vincenzo used to work on Wendy's, but he also believe that the quality of their food is much better than other fast food options.

Watch the video below to see exactly what Vincenzo ordered and how he would manipulate the meal if he was really trying to pack on some size.

Vincenzo's Go-To Cheat Meal

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