Axe & Sledge Athletes


These people are an extension of our company. They embody the HWMF lifestyle and are good people day in and day out. From being a bodybuilder to a dad, to a professional athlete, a trainer, and a coach, we are proud to call these people family.

Missy Truscott

Anton Ratushnyi

Justine Albert

Dean Perrone

Sammy Flecker

Dougie Flexx

Vincenzo Masone

Brandon Barrow

Annie Mae Kelley

Aidan Proffitt

Keri Berry

Kyle Wilkes

Sydney Abler

Ty Bender

Samantha Williams

Noah Williams

Brady King

Brock Jenkins

Emily Beck

Chris Tangaro

Logan Guthrie

Krista Gialanella

Cody Law

Alysa Stinson

Derek Thistlethwaite

Gianna Stokes

Mike Shaw