Building Back Thickness

Building Back Thickness

 Warm - Up:75 - 100 Pulldowns/ Pull Ups/ Assisted Pull Ups

  1. Close Grip T Bar Rows (Bar in Corner) - 3 Warm Up Set x 6-10reps - 3 Work Sets x Failure 6-10 reps - Move the Fuckin Weight! Stay in control but you have to use some weight in order to get the thickness!
  2. T-Bar Rows Overhand Wide Grip - 2 Warm Up Sets x 10-12 - 2 Work Sets x Failure : 8-12 reps - Focusing on upper back development. Overhand Grip - Pull with your upper back and Traps! Visualize your upper back in the rear Double Bicep pose! We want it Poppin!!
  3. Reverse Grip PullDowns (Hammer Strength Machine) - 2 Warm Up Sets x 8-12 - 2 Work Sets x Failure : 8-10 reps - feel the weight pull your lats from the front....and then pull the weight into you! I like to envision the front lat spread pose when doing these.
  4. One Arm Rows (Hammer Strength or DB) - 2 Warm Up Sets x 8-10 - 2-3 Work Sets x Failure : 6-10 reps - Do Not Be A Pussy! Stay in control of the weight. But this is a Mass Building exercise. So treat it as such!
  5. Wide Grip PullDowns - 4 Sets x 8-12 reps : Control the weight. Good stretch, Good squeeze! Feel your back work!
  6. Rope Pull Throughs - 3 Sets x 12 - Stretch and Squeeze! 
My Training Split: 
3 Days ON - 1 Day OFF
2 Days ON - 1 Day OFF

Day 1 - Chest
Day 2 - Back
Day 3 - Arms
Day 4 - OFF
Day 5 - Legs (Quads and Hams)
Day 6 - Shoulders
Day 7 - OFF

This is Basis of My Training Split. I am able to move things around when needed. I will prioritize a body part when needed. (Hit is more often) This has been the Best Split to date for me. It gives me time to recover between bigger body part workouts and adjust the Split if Life happens. By that I mean, if Day 3 i have something with the Family.....i will take Day 3 off and do Arms Day 4.

Now Let’s Go Fuck Shit Up!!!