Bodybuilder Goes Bear Hunting | Seth Feroce

Bodybuilder Goes Bear Hunting | Seth Feroce

Just a few weeks ago, former IFBB Pro bodybuilder, Axe & Sledge co-owner, and All American Roughneck co-owner, Seth Feroce flew out west to Idaho to embark on his first spring bear hunt!

Ever since Seth officially retired from bodybuilding and built two very successful businesses, he's been searching for his next challenge. One of his bucket list items was flying out west to go hunting.

Through social media, Seth connect with Zach Owens (@beyond_the_backcountry), an avid outdoorsman that's been hunting as long as Seth's been bodybuilding. Zach invited Seth out to Idaho to go bear hunting and he couldn't pass up the once in a lifetime opportunity.

Seth started altering his training inside the gym to get him physically and mentally ready for the hunt! The best part about it all is that Seth brought along his cameraman, Jay Huntzinger, to document the entire trip!

Check out the video below to watch Seth's first bear hunt!

Seth Feroce's First Bear Hunt

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