Question & Answer | 2022 HWMF Transformation Challenge Winner

Question & Answer | 2022 HWMF Transformation Challenge Winner

In the video below, we asked our 2022 Most Shredded HWMF Transformation Challenge Winner, Joe Carpenter, a series of questions so you can learn more about him and what to expect from the challenge!

Joe was born and raised in Michigan, he served in the United States Air Force, and is a hard-working M'fer that made the commitment to change his life for the better by entering our transformation challenge.

Check out the video below to find out more!

Question & Answer with Joe Carpenter!

Time Stamps & Questions

  • (0:10) 1. Who are you and where are you from?
  • (0:37) 2. How did you find out about the HWMF Challenge?
  • (1:17) 3. What was your favorite part of the HWMF Challenge? (1:46) 4. What was your favorite part about the webinars?
  • (2:31) 5. What was your favorite part about the private Facebook Group?
  • (3:22) 6. What Axe & Sledge products helped you the most in the challenge?
  • (4:34) 7. What was the biggest challenge with your diet?
  • (5:22) 8. What kept you motivated throughout the challenge?
  • (6:10) 9. What was the biggest challenge you faced during the eight weeks?
  • (7:10) 10. How did the HWMF challenge change your life?
  • (7:49) 11. What was the best advice you received during this challenge?
  • (8:34) 12. What would you say to anyone thinking about signing up for the next challenge?
  • (9:02) 13. What advice would you give to future participants on how to stay motivated for the 8 weeks?
  • (9:40) 14. What were your expectations before coming to the Axe & Sledge HQ? (9:55) 15. What has been your favorite part about being at the Axe & Sledge HQ?

Not only did Joe get to meet our team, tour our facilities, and shoot some epic content, he also got to train with Dougie Flexx and Dean Perrone, check out that video here!

Joe's Favorite Axe & Sledge Products

  • Basics Series - single ingredient powders that allow you to fully customize your supplement stack.
  • Demo Day - peri-workout carbohydrate powder that provides you with better pumps, energy levels, and recovery.