Back Training and Reawakening the Body

September 06, 2018

Back Training and Reawakening the Body

Pre-Workout Shake:
1.5 Scoops Fuel Pump
1/2 Scoop of Demo Day(12-15g Carbs)

Post Workout Shake:
1 Scoop of The Grind Unicorn Blood

Warm-Up: Pull-Ups - 75-100 Reps(Close Grip, Wide Gripe, Reverse Grip, Don't Give a Fuck Grip) - (assisted and/or bodyweight)

  1. Close Grip T-Bar Rows - 6x8-12(Last Set Strip Set, Strip off plate by plate until not plates are left. Each set to absolute failure.)
  2. One Arm DB Rows - 6x8-15(Full rep range, move the f*cken weight, don't the weight move you!)
  3. Reverse Grip Seated Cable Rows - 5x8-12(Good clean reps, this is an isolation exercise don't forget to squeeze your back AND lats!) SUPERSETTED with Rope Pull Throughs - 4x12(Stretch & Squeeze!)
  4. Barbell Rows - 4x10(Leave your ego at the door. You will NOT be able to move the same weight as the beginning of a workout, so get good CLEAN reps & FOCUS on the MOVEMENT rather than the weight.)
  5. Wide Grip Pull Downs - 4x12(Finish the workout strong!)

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