Using Roster

You can access your roster account by using your "magic link" - this link is specific to your account. If you lose this link, you can use the "YOUR ROSTER LOGIN" link on the Demo Crew Login page to get it emailed to you again.


Once you log into Roster, click on the three lines in the top right corner, and choose Social Connections.  Here you can add your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok account.

  • If you are seeing an error message at the top of your Roster Dashboard that you need to reconnect your socials this is normal! If you reconnect and still receive the message, you are reconnected. There is a bug that Roster is working on to fix this.
  • When you reconnect you gain essentially a new ‘key’ to allow Roster to look at your socials. Facebook and Instagram only allow a certain timeframe for each ‘key’ so eventually they expire. So when you are reconnecting you are getting a new ‘key’.

Social Account Troubleshooting

If you receive the error, “Your activity off Meta technologies is currently turned off.” please follow the steps below:

  • Log into your Facebook Account
  • Settings and Privacy
  • Account Center
  • Your Information and Permissions
  • Your Activity Off Meta Technologies
  • Manage Future Activities
  • Connect Future Activity

About the Program

A campaign is a group of tasks that you need to complete in order to receive points - these points will go towards your tier ranking.  Campaign tasks include creating a reel, post a review, upload a screenshot of your latest order, share a story, etc.  Make sure to click ‘Join Now’ to participate in the campaign.  Some campaigns are only available for a limited time! 

Actions are one task that needs to be completed to earn points toward the next tier.  Some of these tasks include, post on your Facebook/Instagram, create a story, make a reel, post on TikTok, etc.  Actions are only available for a limited time!

The only way to receive points is to join campaigns and participate in actions.  Check out your Roster Dashboard to see what is available.  Campaigns and/or action will be added weekly and are only available for a limited time,

  • Open your Roster Dashboard
  • Click Rewards
  • Choose Awarded
  • Click on Redeem Reward
  • Select your products! 
  • Click Next: Shipping Info
  • Enter / confirm your address
  • Tap on "Check Order Status"
  • Complete the transaction by entering your payment information for shipping

We are no longer using referral links and only using codes with Roster.  If you still have a referral link from our previous program, please remove it.  You will not receive commission from your customer if they use the link, only our code.

January 1, 2025  Each milestone series will reset each calendar year


Commission that you've earned can be seen under the "referrals" tab in the roster app. Here, you can see how many sales you've made, and the amount of pending / approved commissions.

When you make a sale, the commission will be pending for 30 days (to ensure the sale does not get returned). Once the sale is approved, and you've received $100 or above in commissions, you'll be eligible for a payout. This will be paid out the first week of the month.

You can not combine your code (or any other promotional code) with your commission payout.

  • You'll receive an email once you get a payout. Your payout will be loaded into your Axe & Sledge account - You'll need to log in to www.axeandsledge.com with the same email you use for the Demo Crew, and you'll see a bubble in the top right of the screen that says "YOU HAVE $XX.XX" - Add the products you want to your cart, click that bubble, and click "CHECK OUT" - This will generate a gift card for the amount available for you to use. If the total is less than what you have, you won't lose that commission, it'll stay in your account! If the amount is more, you'll be prompted to pay for the rest! You can check out this video to learn more: Here