Volume Back Workout

Volume Back Workout

BACK WORKOUT Shake - 2 scoops Swamp Beast Hydraulic + 1 scoop Demo Day Unflavored

Warm-up - Pull-ups, Pulldowns, Band Work
1. Old School T-Bar Rows
- 7 Sets X To Failure, Pyramid up in Weight

2. T-Bar Rows- (1 Warmup Set) 3x8-10 Pyramid up in Weight

3. One Arm Dumbbell Rows- (1 Warmup Set) 3 Sets X To Failure

4. Wide Grip Pulldowns- 3x12

5. Reverse Grip Cable Rows - 3x10 (Squeeze Each Rep)

6. Hyperextensions - 4x12

Keep Shit Simple!!! Just be as INTENSE as Possible.
Controlled Chaos!

All these sayings run through my head as I am training. Keeps me on point! haha

Love you Guys! Keep Fuckin Shit Up!!