Vincenzo Masone's Top 3 Back Exercises

Vincenzo Masone's Top 3 Back Exercises

Vincenzo "MASS" Masone is an Open Men's Bodybuilder, Axe & Sledge Athlete, and co-owner of South Shore Iron NPV. Vincenzo has quite an impressive physique, but what stands out the most is his MASSive back.

In the video below, Vincenzo shares the exercises he used to grow his back. He also demonstrates how to do them properly so you can get the most out of every movement. Needless to say, if you want to build a bigger back, then add these to your routine!

Vincenzo Masone's Favorite Back Exercises

  1. Rack Deadlifts
  2. Barbell Rows
  3. Dumbbell Rows

To learn more about Vincenzo, check out his athlete profile:

Make sure to follow Vincenzo on Instagram (@vincenzomasone) for more bodybuilding, nutrition, and supplement advice. If you're ever in the New York, Long Island area, we highly recommend stopping by South Shore Iron to get a workout in!