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Seth Goes Grocery Shopping | PT. 3 Meats

November 01, 2018

Seth Goes Grocery Shopping | PT. 3 Meats


Last part of the Grocery Shopping Series is shopping Meats & Protein! I shop at a local grocery store for all of my meats. They do a great job at bringing in high quality meats with no preservatives, hormone free, and less that 1-3% added water. They are also pretty good with running sales. Keep an eye on your local grocery deals, they usually run a similar special every week. If Chicken thighs are on sale one week, buy chicken thighs! If the ground beef or chicken breast is on sales, buy that! You can be flexible with your shopping when it comes to saving some money. With meats, if there is a sale, stock up! You may save 20, 30, 40 bucks! If you are on a serious budget, sometimes you can't buy the highest grades of meat. Thats ok, we have all been there. You do what you can, when you can!

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