Lettin' it Rip! | Chest Workout

Lettin' it Rip! | Chest Workout
Throughout this workout, we are not worrying about sets/reps. We want to be a little more instinctive and to just listen to your body. If you are not feeling something move on. If you are really feeling it, add in a few more sets! There are days when you just need to go let it rip, and not worry about counting reps. This is how you find yourself, and how you take things to the next level. The workout is below as a guide, but like I said, try different tempos, rep ranges, ranges of motion, grips, and just destroy that chest! This time is for YOU to let out all the pent up aggression and frustrations!

WARM-UP! Light smith machine presses. Good form, controlled, push the blood in there and get ready for your first working set!

  1. Smith Machine Incline Press - 4x8 pyramid up in weight
    - Last Set, triple drop set
  2. Hammer Strength Chest Press - 4x8-10 pyramid up in weight
    - add in some single arm reps
    - last set, drop set!
  3. Pec Deck - 4x10
  4. Incline Chest Press Machine
    - 4x10
    - Use DB if you do not have a incline machine