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Seth Feroce Truck Rant: Why I Don't Compete

November 08, 2019

Seth Feroce Truck Rant: Why I Don't Compete

I loved competing, and I love bodybuilding. Competing is fueled by passion, and that's why I originally fell in love with this sport. However, if I competed and put EVERYTHING I have into it, my companies, employees, and family would suffer. You CANNOT run several successful businesses and half-ass a show prep and expect to win. To win at a Pro level, it takes all you got! It is important to be multi-dimensional, especially as a bodybuilder. One day the sponsors won't be there, one day you will be too old to compete, and then what? It is important to always have a plan B, or more importantly a strong plan A. If you compete or are looking to compete, do not look at it as a career, but your PASSION, enjoy that sh*t! Capitalize on yourself, and don't wait for the hand outs. When you aren't training you better be working on something that will stay with you well after the stage.

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