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Rebuilding My Physique: Back Day | Seth Feroce

August 06, 2020

Rebuilding My Physique: Back Day | Seth Feroce

BACK 1. Pull-Ups (4:16) - 7-10 Sets X 10-15 reps
(This is a warmup exercise to get the blood flowing. 100 pull-ups wide grip, reverse grip, don't give a f*ck grip. You want to do every different grip in order to hit all different parts of your back.)

2. Bent Over Barbell Rows (11:28) - 4x8-12
(Pyramid up in weight as sets progress)

3. T-Bar Rows (14:28) - 4x8-15
(Make sure you are pulling up, not back - in order to hit the upper back not your lats)

4. Single Arm Dumbbell Rows (16:06) - 4x8-12
(This is a rowing motion. Row the weight, don't pull up - we want to hit the lats not the upper back)

5. Reverse Grip Pulldowns (19:23) - 4x8-12 (Make sure you are keeping your elbows in close, and chest up)

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