The Benefits of Junk Volume | IFBB Pro Seth Feroce

The Benefits of Junk Volume | IFBB Pro Seth Feroce

Junk volume is a term that's commonly used in bodybuilding to describe "any training you do that takes up time and energy, but has no actual benefit in terms of muscle or strength gain."

Based on the scientific literature, it seems that doing any more than 6-8 sets per body part isn't necessarily beneficial and may be even detrimental to muscle growth since it could lead to overtraining.[1]

However, some of the best physiques in the world were built from training with a lot more volume, intensity, and frequency than what's been studied in a lab. Not to mention, there are several benefits that exercise provides beyond muscle growth.

In the video below, Seth Feroce explains why from time to time doing a crazy workout that pushes you beyond your limits is beneficial, even if it's considered to be suboptimal or "junk volume."

For example, Seth just got back from vacation, didn't train much, and was short on time, so he decided to do 25 sets of barbell squats. Now, is doing 25 sets of squat optimal or even necessary for leg hypertrophy?

Well, the research would say no... but they were beneficial for his mental health and cardiovascular health. Check out the video below to see why Seth did this workout and the potential benefits of junk volume training.

25 Sets of Squats | Junk Volume Benefits

Hard-Working M'Fer Leg Workout

  • Barbell Squats: 25 sets x 10 reps @ 225 lbs


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