Fat To Fit To IFBB PRO | Dougie Flexx's Transformation

Fat To  Fit To IFBB PRO | Dougie Flexx's Transformation

Douglas Connor Jr., also known as Dougie Flexx, is an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder in the Men's 212 division, father, CEO & Founder of Huntin' Gear Apparel, Personal Trainer, and one of the first athletes to join the Axe & Sledge team. In December of 2021, Doug competed in his first professional show which took place in Toronto, Ontario.

With the help of his coach, Morgan Rice, and the support of his friends, family & sponsors, Doug ended up taking home the first place trophy at the 2021 Toronto Pro SuperShow. Not to mention, Doug received his qualification to compete in the 2022 Mr. Olympia. Although many people look at Doug and dream of having his physique, it's important to look back at where Doug started, because he didn't always look the way he does now...

In fact, just 10 years ago, Doug looked like an average, overweight guy with practically no confidence. After taking a trip to California and being too embarrassed to take off his tank top for a picture, Doug decided it was time to get his shit together... Check out the video below to hear how Doug transformed from fat to fit to IFBB Pro in just 10 years.

Dougie Flexx's 10 Year Transformation | The Key to Being Successful

When Doug started his transformation in 2010, he had no idea that he'd once step on a stage, let alone qualify for the Mr. Olympia! At first, Doug simply wanted to lose some weight, improve his health, be a better father, a better husband, and a better person overall. After making the commitment to transform his body and mind, Doug quickly realized his potential and love for the sport of bodybuilding.

As Doug mentions in this video, the key to truly transforming your body, mind, and spirit is being consistent. It's better to be consistently good than occasionally great. So even on the days when times are tough and you don't want to do the cardio, prep the meals, or hit the gym, remember where you started and how far you've come through being consistent day in and day out.

Consistency compounds.

Make sure to follow Doug on instagram (@dougie_fit_flexx) to show your support as he prepares to step on stage at the 2022 Mr. Olympia in December! If you want to transform you body and mind, just like Doug, then sign-up for the 2022 HWMF Transformation Challenge now! Your future self will thank you for it.