Building a Bigger Chest with Seth Feroce | PART 2

Building a Bigger Chest with Seth Feroce | PART 2

Building a Bigger Chest with Seth Feroce | PART 1


Here are the Workouts to Try Out! The Demonstrations for the Exercises are in PART 2. Be sure to Check it out as well!

Outer Chest Workout

  1. Incline Barbell Presses - 5 x 10,8,8,6,6 2.

  2. Flat Dumbbell Flyes - 4 x 4,3,3,2 TRIFECTAS*
    You will do these relatively HEAVY - You can not get big by moving tiny weights (Eat the FOOD and Lift the WEIGHTS!!)

  3. Dumbbell Pullovers - 3 x 12 Super-Set with Parallel Bar Dips - 3 x Failure
    (Do as many as you can until you fail. If you suck and cant get very many, use the assisted dip machine and get at least 10 each set. IF your shoulders are shit and dips hurt your shoulders DO pushups until failure. The Goal is to fuck you up here. You have to push yourself to failure and find out how far you can go. This is why it is important to be Hydrated and Fueled for your workout.

  4. Flat Bench Press / Machine Press - 3 x 6,5,4 TRIFECTAS* OR 3 x 15,12, 10 Good Clean Reps
Pec Deck or Cable Crossovers - 3 x 12 Good Clean Reps OR 3 x 6,5,4 TRIFECTAS*

*On Exercises 4 and 5 - You can change the technique used to suit what you want to do. Either the straight sets with Good Clean Reps or the TRIFECTAS*

Upper Chest Workout
  1. Incline DB Presses - 5 x 12,10,8,8,6/12 Last Set Seth Set
    (Do these with the bench angled at a 45 or 37 degree angle)

  2. Incline DB Flyes - 4 x 10,10,8,8/failure
    Straight sets focus on feeling the muscle work. LAST SET it say 8/failure I want you to do 8 reps of heavy flyes and then using the same weight burnout doing presses - don’t care how many you get just fucking go!

  3. Pec Deck - 3 x 12,12,10 Nice FULL Reps! Feel your chest Working!

  4. Incline Machine Press (Smith or some type of Incline Machine Press) - 3 x 5 TRIFECTAS*
DB Pullovers - 3 x 12 Super-Set with Push Ups on Smith Machine** - 3 x 10 reps each height (choose 3 different heights per set)

TRIFECTAS (No I don’t have a better name, this is just what I called them) You will do 2 - 3/4 Reps and 1 Full Rep - that will be counted as 1 REP! You will not lock out on the 2 - 3/4 distant reps. The goal is to keep tension on the chest. Therefore continuing to push blood only into the chest and not to the other muscle groups you are using during the exercise (Shoulders and Triceps during Chest - we want to maximize the exercise for chest). ** Push ups on the Smith Machine is preferred and a great way to burn yourself out. You are able to change the height of the bar to feel the different ways your chest is getting hit.