Big Shoulder Workout

Big Shoulder Workout
1. Dumbbell Side Laterals - 5-6 Sets X 10-15 reps
(last set drop set)

2. Hammer Strength Shoulder Press - 3 Warm Up Sets - 12,10,8
2 Work Sets - 8, 8/Failure (Drop Set last set)

3. Bent Over Rear Delt Raises with Dumbbells - 4x8-15
- SuperSetted with - Rope Face Pulls - 4x8-12
(envision rear double bicep pose while doing this exercise)

5. Dumbbell Front Raises - 4x8-12

6. Shrugs - 4x8-12

Keep Shit Simple!!! Just be as INTENSE as Possible.
Controlled Chaos!

All these sayings run through my head as I am training. Keep me on point! haha

Love you Guys! Keep Fuckin Shit Up!!