Legendary Chest Workout | Seth Feroce & Hany Rambod

Legendary Chest Workout | Seth Feroce & Hany Rambod

Hany Rambod, nicknamed "The Pro Creator", is the winningest coach in the entire bodybuilding industry and he's the CEO of Evogen Nutrition. Collectively, Hany has over 20 Olympia titles under his belt. He's worked with some of the best athletes that have ever stepped on stage in various categories, including Phil Heath (open), Derek Lunsford (212), Hadi Choopan (open), and Andrei Deiu (men's physique).

Hany is also the mastermind behind the famous training method, FST-7. Let's just say, this guy knows a thing or two about building muscle and developing world-class physiques.

Back in the day when Seth Feroce was a competitive bodybuilder (before the functional & fxckable training), Hany was his coach. Hany saw a lot of potential in Seth, from his physique to his mentality, he knew that Seth had what it took to become great.

Although Seth has officially retired from bodybuilding, his love for training has never left.  Since Hany was in town recently for the 2022 Pittsburgh Pro, he decided to stop by Pump Town USA to put Seth through a gnarly chest workout one more time.

Not only do Hany and Seth train chest, but they also share a few tips and stories that you won't find anywhere else! It's like taking a trip back in time... Check out the video below to see all the epic footage we were able to capture from this legendary workout! 

Chest Hypertrophy with Hany Rambod & Seth Feroce!

 Seth's Favorite Muscle Building Supplements

  • Hydraulic - non-stim pump pre-workout - favorite flavor: ICEE Cherry
  • Demo Day - peri-workout carbohydrate powder - favorite flavor: BIG Cherries
  • The Grind - essential amino acids & branched chain amino acids - favorite flavor: Deadlifts & Gummy Bears

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