Heavy Arm Training

Heavy Arm Training

2 Basic Complex Mass Building Exercises for Biceps and Triceps and then 2 Isolation Exercises for Biceps and Triceps! Make sure you are making the mind to muscle connection with Both the Complex Movements and the Isolation Movements! Move the F*cken Weight but also Stay In Control!!!

Let’s make some F*ckin Progress Today!!!

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Warm Up - Get the Blood moving and the Sweat Rolling!!

1. Barbell Curls - 2 warm Up Sets , 3 Work Sets x 6-8
(Last Set 3 Set Drop Set!)

SuperSetted with
V- Bar Pressdowns - 2 warm Up Sets , 3 Work Sets x 8-12

2. Seated Cable Curls - 3 Work Sets x 10-12
(each rep hold the contraction at the top of the rep for at least 1 second)

SuperSetted with
Rope Pressdowns - 3 Work Sets x 12-15 (each rep hold the contraction for at least 1 second)

3. Standing Alternating DB Curls - 1 warm Up Set, 3 Work Sets x 6-8

SuperSetted with
Close Grip Bench Press - 1 Warm Up Set, 3 Work Sets x 3 Work Sets x 6-10

4. Spider Curls with DB and Barbell - 1 warm Up Set of each and 2 work sets of Each x 10-12

SuperSetted with
Over the Head DB Extensions - 1 Warm Up Set, 3 Work Sets x 12

    Stay hydrated through this workout! You can add in a half a scoop to a full scoop of DEMO DAY incase you hit a wall.