Chest & Biceps Workout with No Presses!

Chest & Biceps Workout with No Presses!

CHEST 1. Incline Plate Loaded Pec Flys - 3x12
Last Set Dropset
(If you don't have plate loaded pec fly do dumbbell flys instead)

2. Cable Crossovers - 4x12
Do not forget that you can do these a different height variations

3. Smith Machine Ladder Pushups - 3sets
- 1 set = 15 reps at 3 different elevations
you can start high and go low, or start low and go high BICEPS

4. Dumbbell Curls - 3x12 5. EZ Bar Curls - 3x12
Last Set - 3 Seth Dropset

6. Hanging Concentration Curls - 3x12
Make sure you get a good squeeze at the top of each rep