Please watch this video to learn how to sign up, access your Roster dashboard, and post your check-in photos!

Front Option 1
Front Option 2

Side Option 1
Side Option 2

Back Option 1
Back Option 2

Once you have taken your picture with the check-in card

  • Go to your Roster Dashboard
  • Click on campaign of the check in you’d like to submit (initial or final)
  • Go to Activities
  • Click the down arrow next to each section titled “Upload Image”
  • Click Upload and choose the photo that goes with the corresponding section.

If your submission was rejected, we always include a reason why. To view the reason:

  • Go to your Roster Dashboard
  • Click on the Campaign with the denied submission
  • Click Activities
  • Scroll down to the image and click on the one with the red !
  • The reason will be in the Additional Feedback Section
  • See This Example
  • Once you sign up, you'll receive an email with a "Magic Link" - there is no password required, you'll use this link to sign in to Roster. Once you sign in, you can make the site an app on your homescreen.
  • If you need the link emailed again, you can do that HERE

We will be posting links to sign up for the webinars that are hosted on Zoom. You'll need to sign up to join live, however we'll be recording each webinar and posting it in the Challenge Portal, so if you miss it live, you'll be able to watch the recording.

  • Click the link HERE and fill out the required questions.  Please ensure that the email address you enter is the same one you used when you signed up for the challenge.
  • This year we are only requiring 2 check ins (the initial, and the final).  However, feel free to post progression photos in the HWMF Transformation Challenge 2024 Facebook Group!

Complete the campaign titled "HWMF Transformation Challenge 2024 - Apply HERE!" in your Roster Dashboard.