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Zoom Call Schedule

You will receive an email a day before the Zoom call in order to register. If not registered, you will not be able to join in on the call.

All Zoom Calls are recorded and will be available to watch after. Links to re-watch the Zoom call will be sent out via email.

Dates and Times:

  • February 17th at 8:30PM EST
  • February 24th at 8:30PM EST
  • March 3rd at 8:30PM EST
  • March 10th at 8:30PM EST
  • March 17th at 8:30PM EST
  • March 24th at 8:30PM EST
  • March 31st at 8:30PM EST
  • April 7th at 8:30PM EST

Questions for Zoom Calls:

We will answer questions during the Zoom Calls. These questions should be asked in the HWMF Transformation Challenge Facebook Group or via email.

Please email you questions to: challenge@axeandsledge.com with the Subject: "Zoom Question"

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