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Everyone is always asking "what does Seth take in prep!?". Well here you go! This is Seth's go-to when the energy starts to dwindle but it's time to get to work, keep the quality of the training extremely high and get shredded!

In Seth's Prep Stack you'll receive the following products in the flavor you choose:

(1)The Grind // EAAS + Hydration
(1) Ignition Switch // Pre-Stim
(1) Fyred // Extreme Fat Burner or Double Time // Fat Burner

Ignition Switch

Our stimulant Pre-Workout designed for the Stimulant Freaks out there!

We formulated a series of patented ingredients to increase energy levels, heighten your mental focus with an incredible mind to muscle connection, increase blood flow/pump, and add an extra edge to your workouts that will separate you from the rest! All of this without the a crash! You will have sustained energy hours after your workout. This product allows you to get an insane workout and continue your day/night without the dreaded crash.

Ignition Switch Patented Ingredients

Ignition Switch Overview


The Grind

EAAs/BCAAs + Hydration

THE GRIND is our EAAs/BCAAs + Hydration formula. This Essential Amino Acid and Branch Chain Amino Acid matrix will help you recover and stay hydrated through those intense training days. THE GRIND is perfect for refueling your body post cardio or training. Our flavor profiles combined with the highest quality ingredients will have you recovering faster, all while enjoying the taste! This product will leave your muscles feeling round, full and hydrated all day long.

The Grind Overview



FYRED is our extreme fat burn capsule product! What to expect with FYRED:

  • Weight Loss Support
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Promotes Energy
  • Hardcore Fat Burn
  • Mental Clarity and Focus

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