Ignition Switch vs. Seventh Gear | Know the Difference

October 16, 2020

Ignition Switch vs. Seventh Gear | Know the Difference

Seventh Gear And Ignition Switch Comparison

Pre-workout stimulants are the way to get that extra boost needed in your workouts. We have two stimulant pre-workouts with Seventh Gear and Ignition Switch. Both of these are high quality supplements with patented ingredients. Each product will increase your energy levels, mental focus, and endurance. For this post we will break down the difference between the two products as well as their similarities. We will also recommend how to best stack them for you to achieve the most out of your workouts.

Step-Up Your Workout with Ignition Switch

Ignition Switch is one of the two stimulant pre-workout supplements. With Ignition Switch you’ll have sustained energy throughout your whole workout session and no after workout crash. This Axe and Sledge product contains four patented ingredients such as CarnoSyn, AgmaMax, Dynamine, and TeaCrine. These patented ingredients will increase your energy levels, and blood flow for a better pump in your workout. They will also heighten your mental focus for a stronger mind to muscle connection. Let’s take a closer look at these power building ingredients.

CarnoSyn’s Beta-Alanine: This patented ingredient is a non-essential amino acid that aides in reducing lactic acid build up and delays muscle fatigue. Beta-alanine builds lean muscle mass as well as improving athletic performance (CarnoSyn 2020).

AgmaMax’s Agmatine Sulfate: AgmaMax’s ingredient comes from the amino acid Arginine. Agmatine sulfate maximizes performance in workouts, increases lean muscle mass, and assists blood flow to the muscle cells for a better pump (Vitajoy Biotech 2020).

Dynamine’s Methylliberine: A natural product that is found in the kucha leaf. Methylliberine is similar to caffeine that will enhance your energy, focus, mood, and motivation (Williamson 2020).

TeaCrine’s Theacrine: An ingredient similar to methylliberine it is also a caffeine found in the kucha leaf. Theacrine gives off a gradual and longer duration of energy with no crash. Besides energy theacrine provides for a boost in physical performance, intense mental focus, pain reduction, and stress relief (Williamson 2020).

Ignition Switch stacks well with The Grind and Hydraulic as found in the Pre and Post Stack. The Pre and Post Stack comes in the following flavors of Scorpion Venom, Shark Bite, and Unicorn Blood. Or you can stack Ignition Switch with Hydraulic and Demo Day like in Seth’s 1-1-1 Stack.

Shift Your Workout into Seventh Gear

For those who like taking Ignition Switch and would like to shift their workouts into next gear then try taking Seventh Gear. This supplement is an extreme stimulant pre-workout with 500 milligrams of high-powered stimulants. With Seventh Gear you will take your workouts to the next level adding high-speed energy, ruthless aggression, and increased mental focus. We were not messing around when we created Seventh Gear. This product will enhance your muscular endurance as well as give you endless endurance and stamina for your workouts. Like Ignition Switch, Seventh Gear also has four patented ingredients including Infinergy, Creatine Magnapower, TeaCrine, and Bioperine. Now we will breakdown these hardcore ingredients.

Infinergy’s Dicaffenine Malate: This product combines caffeine and malic acid to create thermogenesis. Dicaffenine malate will improve your energy levels and assists with mental focus (Axe & Sledge Supplements 2019).

Creatine Magnapower’s Magnesium Creatine Chelate: A patented ingredient that increases your body’s ability to create adenosine triphosphate (ATP) as well as muscle mass growth. Magnesium creatine chelate also helps with creatine absorption, carb metabolism, increase of energy, and better workout performance (Creatine MagnaPower 2016).

TeaCrine’s Theacrine: As described above, this is a natural substance with similar effects to caffeine. Thearine gives you that boost of energy, an increased physical performance, heightened mental focus, pain reduction, and stress relief (Williamson 2020).

BioPerine’s Black Pepper Extract: Another natural ingredient with bioavailability that allows for your body to absorb the nutrients needed for optimal performance (BioPerine 2020).

The Seventh Gear Stack is the perfect way to get started with your new workout routine. Please note that while it is safe to take Hydraulic with Ignition Switch; however, we do caution stacking Seventh Gear and Hydraulic. Reason being that Hydraulic is a vasodilator which means it opens up your veins for better blood flow. Seventh Gear is a vasoconstrictor which makes your veins narrow. If you choose to take Hydraulic and Seventh Gear together, then we recommend taking Seventh Gear in smaller dosage of either a quarter or a half scoop.


Whether you choose Ignition Switch or Seventh Gear you can’t go wrong. We work hard to make the best supplements so that you can maximize your workouts. So, ask yourself one question, are you a hardworking motherfucker? If the answer is yes, then add Ignition Switch or Seventh Gear to your next pre-workout routine! 



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