Off-Season Shoulder Training

January 10, 2019

Off-Season Shoulder Training

 Here's a little Off-Season Shoulder Training! Eating BIG to get BIG! For this workout we are mixing some volume with some heavy weight. Make sure you are fueled for this workout, food and fluids! We are working on adding thickness and rounding off the shoulders.

Pre-Workout Shake:
2 Scoops Fuel Pump
1 Scoop Demo Day

Warm - Up: DB Lateral Raise -
Start light, get everything warm and blood moving! Progress up in weight for 4-5 sets.

  1. DB Lateral Raise - 4x10, last set, Seth Set(half the weight, double the reps)
  2. Machine/Perfect Shoulder Press superset with Lateral Raise - 4x10
  3. DB Rear Delts - 4x10
  4. Upright Rows - 4x10
  5. DB Shrugs - 4x10

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