True or False Featuring The Demo Crew Elite

True or False Featuring The Demo Crew Elite

At the end of September, we hosted our first annual Demo Crew Elite meet-up at the Axe & Sledge Headquarters located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! For many of the Demo Crew Elite members, this was the first time they were able to meet in-person!

While they were in town, we gave them a tour of the facilities, trained in Pump Town USA, ate some tasty food, did photoshoots, and filmed plenty of content! One of the videos we shot was called "True or False with The Demo Crew Elite", which you can check out below!

In this video, we asked each Demo Crew Elite Member (plus a few special guests...), a series of true or false statements. Some were serious, some were funny, and others were just absurd...

The True or False Statements

Here are all of the true or false statements we asked the Demo Crew Elite!

  1. Steve has pictures of Billy on his bedroom walls
  2. Brooke can drink more whiskey and do more burpees than all of the Elite combined
  3. Drew has the best swag out of all of the Elite
  4. Jason goes to bed before 9pm
  5. Pineapple is the best pizza topping
  6. John Wilson is part of the "Mile High Club"
  7. Sierra has the best Instagram game out of the entire Elite
  8. Tony Davis has the biggest biceps in the Elite
  9. Brian lives in the best state in the United States
  10. Shane is the coolest person you've ever met
  11. John Mac is better at playing with cats than most men
  12. Mike is the tallest person you've ever met
  13. The Demo Crew has changed your life
  14. Matt grinds harder than most strippers
  15. Cody knows more about swimming than Bob

Check out the video above to see what their answers were... and make sure to watch until the end for some bonus rapid fire questions with Mike, Bob, and Seth!