Meet The Team: Dean Perrone

Meet The Team: Dean Perrone

Dean Perrone, Axe & Sledge Athlete, NPC Men’s Physique Competitor, Snack King, Dr. Dean, and Content Creator, made a visit to the Axe & Sledge HQ to hang out with the team, film some videos, and answer a few questions!

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Question & Answer

How old are you?

  • I am 46 years old.

Where are you from?

  • I was born & raised in Livonia, Michigan, but I currently reside in Orlando, Florida

What’s your current occupation?

  • I am the owner of a residential appraisal company

What got you interested in the fitness industry?

  • I played several sports growing up, including baseball, and started to lift weights on and off in high school. After finishing high school, later on in my life I wanted to create a better version of myself and that included being healthier and fitter. Essentially, my goal was to be in the best shape of my life while still enjoying myself. So that’s when I decided to go back into the gym and started sharing my transformation on social media. Also.I followed bodybuilding and professional wrestling for years and have always admired their physique, strength, and work ethic.

Since you're a NPC Men’s Physique Competitor, how many competitions have you done?

  • I’ve competed six times starting in 2015 and the last time I stepped on stage was in 2019. Although I haven't’ competed in a while, I am still interested in competing in the future.

What’s your favorite body part to train?

  • I would have to say either back or shoulders

What’s your favorite exercise for each major body part?

  • Chest - Incline Dumbbell Press
  • Shoulders - Dumbbell or Cable Lateral Raises
  • Bi’s - Hammer Curls
  • Tri’s - Rope Tricep Extensions
  • Back - Neutral-Grip One-arm Lat Pulldown
  • Quads - Leg Press
  • Hams/Glutes - Romanian Deadlift
  • Calves - Seated Calf Raise

What’s your go-to cheat meal?

  • Pizza

Do you have any other hobbies outside of fitness?

  • I really enjoy watching movies and my favorite movie of all time has to be Gladiator. I also go to the gun range quite often.

What’s your top three Axe & Sledge supplements?

What’s your top three American Made Nutrition supplements?

What are your current top two goals?

  • My ultimate goal is to want to stay in shape year round without restricting myself from doing the things I enjoy.
  • I also want to continue assisting in the growth and success of Axe & Sledge, American Made Nutrition, and All American Roughneck

If you could make your own flavor of Home Made Bars, what would it be?

  • It would definitely have to be white chocolate raspberry

Why did you choose Axe & Sledge Supplements?

  • I choose Axe & Sledge primarily because everything that the owners and the brand stands for aligns perfectly with what I value most, which are honesty, quality, transparency, integrity, and hard work. Not to mention the products, including supplements, clothing, and accessories, are phenomenal.

Where can people find you?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions on social media, you can find me at: