Cody Law: Fight Recap

Cody Law: Fight Recap

Cody Law is a former collegiate wrestler, Axe & Sledge sponsored athlete, and professional mixed martial artist who competes in Bellator MMA. As of writing this article, Cody is undefeated in the featherweight division (145lbs) with a fight record of 5-0-0 (Win-Loss-Draw). In this article, we wanted to recap all of Cody’s professional fights to give you a better understanding of what he’s achieved so far and what his plans are next!

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Bellator 250 - Law vs. Ortega

  • Win | D’Arce Choke | 2:41 | Round 1

Cody’s first professional fight took place on October 29th, 2020 against Orlando Ortega. At the time of the fight, both Law and Ortega had fight records of 0-0-0, so they were evenly matched on paper. 

After just 2 minutes and 41 seconds into the first round, Cody Law defeated Ortega via submission. Needless to say, Cody absolutely dominated the competition in his first professional fight and as you’ll see, he continued that moment for the next one.

Bellator 254 - Law vs. Champion

  • Win | Ground & Pound | 4:44 | Round 3

In Cody’s second professional fight, he fought against Kenny Champion in Bellator 254 on December 10th, 2021. At this point, Cody’s fight record was 1-0-0 after beating Ortega, whereas Champion’s fight record was slightly better at 2-0-0. Both fighters were undefeated with the odds favoring Champion, but fortunately, Cody was able to pull away with another win!

Instead of ending the fight in the first round, this fight went all the way to round three! Cody ended the fight via KO/TKO (knockout/technical knockout) at 4 minutes and 44 seconds. Cody’s fight record climbs to 2-0-0 going into his next professional fight!

Bellator 256 - Law vs. Ghareeb

  • Win | Decision | Unanimous

On April 4th, 2021, Cody Law went up against Nathan Ghareeb in Bellator 256. Before this fight took place, both Law’s and Gharreb’s fight record was evenly matched at 2-0-0. Unlike the previous two fights that Cody fought in, this fight went until the very end, lasting all three rounds. 

It turns out that this was Cody’s toughest fight yet… Cody ended up taking home the win after a unanimous decision by the judges. Although Ghareeb put up one hell of a fight, Cody remained undefeated moving forward, with a fight record of 3-0-0.

Bellator 262 - Law vs. Macuka

  • Win | Punches | 1:54 | Round 1

For Cody’s fourth professional fight, the pressure was high to remain undefeated, but Cody was more than ready to face his next opponent — Theodore Macuka. On July 16th, 2021, Cody fought against Macuka with a fight record 1-0-0.

Going into the fight, Cody was the favorite to win and he absolutely dominated once again! After just 1 minute and 54 seconds into the first round, Cody won the fight against Macuka via KO/TKO (knockout/technical knockout). As you can see, this fight didn’t last long and it left Cody even hungrier for more!

Following Bellator 262, Cody’s fight record climbed to 4-0-0 and he remains undefeated going into his next fight!

Bellator 271 - Law vs Hamm

  • Win | Ground & Pound | 4:21 | Round 1

On November 12th, 2021, Cody Law entered the ring with 4 wins under his belt and undeniable confidence that he was going to leave with another. For Cody's fifth professional fight in Bellator MMA, he took on Colton Hamm. Going into the fight, Cody had a 4-0-0 record, whereas Colton had a 4-3-0 record.

Although it seemed like a fairly even match-up on paper, Cody was a huge favorite to win and did he deliver! Just 4 minutes and 21 seconds into the first round, Cody ended the fight via KO/TKO (knockout/technical knockout). After the match, Cody's fight record climbed to 5-0-0, whereas Colton's fight record dropped to 4-4-0.

    Don’t FXCK With The Law

    Cody is doing everything he can to be the best featherweight fighter in Bellator MMA. Although he was born & raised in Pennsylvania, he primarily resides in Coconut Creek, Florida and trains at one of the top mixed martial arts training facilities in the world, American Top Team.

    Not only does Cody place a major emphasis on nutrition, recovery, sleep, and training, he also understands the importance of proper supplementation. Since Cody is an elite athlete and regularly drug tested, he relies onThe Grind, which isInformed-Sport Certified, among several other Axe & Sledge supplements to ensure he’s fueled throughout his prolonged training sessions.

    We’re honored to have such an outstanding athlete, competitor, and all-around great guy representing Axe & Sledge. There’s no doubt that Cody is making waves in Bellator MMA and we’re excited to see what’s next! As we mentioned previously, you can support Cody by following him on social media and tuning into his fights on theBellator MMA YouTube Channel!